‘Rainbows’ are the youngest section of Girl-guiding UK – Brownies and Guides are our ‘big sisters’. Rainbows celebrated their 21st Birthday in 2008.

In Chartham, up to 18 girls aged between 5 and 7 meet together at Chartham Hatch Village Hall on a Wednesday evening from5 – 6pm. The girls take part in a variety of activities, from sport to cooking and discussions to parties. They make, create, sing, run around, play games, and make choices about what they are to do, make new friends, discover new things, try new activities, visit new places, and learn to have fun

together! They can sometimes earn badges for the things they have done in the unit.

Girl-guiding is an opportunity to allow girls to ‘take the lead’. Being exclusively for females, there are chances for girls to learn from an early age skills of working in a group and making decisions. As she grows up through the sections, opportunities for self-governance and leadership are given. At 1st Chartham Rainbows we try to build a foundation for the girls, to be able to develop themselves further as they grow up, whilst having a multitude of enjoyable and challenging new experiences.

If you would like more details, or to put your name on our waiting list, please contact Mrs. Jeanette Kennett. Tel: 01227 738789.

(It is currently advisable to put your daughter’s name down as soon as possible, as we have a long waiting list. Places are first offered to those children who have had their name on the list longest once they turn 5.)

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